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Since 1989, Bake Crafters has operated with a single aim: providing the baked goods customers want. This means broad selection, rapid product development, competitive prices, dedicated customer service, and much more.
Whether you’re talking with someone in our corporate office, a regional sales director, or one of the 70+ people on our commissioned sales team, we strive to understand your needs and find a way to serve them.
We are your one stop for value-priced baked goods.
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Nested in the mountains of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, Buddy Fruits have access to one of the largest fresh apple orchards in North America. Our family-owned company is committed to protecting soils, fruits, and farmers. This is why we gently cook our apples in small batches to respect fruits that are naturally good!
We are a healthy plant-based snack with a great taste! We believe that sometimes the best things are the simplest things. That’s why our pouches are made from REAL fruit, with NO artificial ingredients, NO concentrates, and 0g of added sugars. Learn more at Buddy Fruits.com

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Julie Burkhart is a positive and driven foodservice professional with 6 years of experience. She comes to us from the manufacturing perspective and is excited to work with schools directly as a broker. Julie is bubbly, hard-working, and eager to learn. She excels in listening to her customers’ needs and following through with solutions for them. Contact Julie at  julie@yourservicesales.com

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